Crisis stabilization

Encompasses taking control of the challenging areas of the business, management of liquidity, short-term financing options, first-step cost reduction.

Stakeholder focus

Advising and engaging stakeholders dependent on the outcome and includes financiers, creditors, employees, customers, industry associations and even government officers as well for various reasons.

Strategic focus

Redefining the core business, restructuring operations and the balance sheet, simple M&A and valuations.

Exploring external options

Exploring and engaging options of external financial assistance / investors.

Organizational change

Engaging the key staff, improving the levels of communication, and improving the morale of the employees.

Process improvements

Operational improvements that provide low hanging fruit and focus on key issues that require instant attention.

Financial restructuring

Implementing tighter control and monitoring of cash, equity injection, asset reduction or selling under-utilized assets to generate cash or use as security for short-term funding that will be quite beneficial for the organization.

Chief Restructuring Officer considerations

Setting up an advisory board to assist the stakeholders, directors, or board to maintain its focus on the implementation of the core strategy.