Business Rescue may not always be the right solution for your company.

Your company may not even qualify for business rescue but you have acted soon enough to realise that you need assistance.

It could well be that it only needs for example a fresh marketing strategy, additional funding, better management personnel, more staff, less staff, etc.

When that is the case it is much better to simply develop and implement those strategies without having to involve all creditors of a company. Keeping the turnaround process therefore a lot cleaner and simplified. There will be no need to involve the legal process but through an assessment we can, together with you understand the business models and area where improvements are required.

We will start by assessing the business model to make sure the model is sustainable before embarking on all sorts of strategies to ensure we address the cause and not only the symptoms.

Initial Assessment – Free of charge!

The initial assessment will assist in understanding the real financial position of the company. Understanding this, is critical to know what the most appropriate route for the company is.

The financial information of the company is required to do the initial assessment.  The information required for this:

Up to date Management Statements

2 Years’ Financial Statements

NDA to be supplied and signed by Abacus for your ease of mind

The above financial information must in total cover at least a period of more than 24 months and must be at least up to 1 or 2 months ago.